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November 5, 2015

New submission from student

As there is not a Hollaback for Stirling, I felt this would be a good place to share this story. I have lived in the Stirling area for eight years and regularly walk past this pub. The same group of men, aged between 40 and 60, stand outside almost every day. They leer at any girls walking past, making comments to one another and to the girls. I have seen…
August 31, 2015

New submission from Jules

My partner (also a woman) and I were walking along Sauchiehall around 8.30pm, after an afternoon at Pride Glasgow. 3 men wearing smart suits saw us and crossed the street towards us making noises ("woooohhhh") and then stopped us in our tracks by surrounding us and standing in front of us. One asked, "what's that rainbow for?" (I had a small rainbow painted on my cheek) to which I replied,…
August 10, 2015

New submission from (anonymous)

As I was walking home from the shop with a friend of mine, all of a sudden a car full of men went past. Just as they passed us, one of them shouted at us from the car window: 'PUSSY!!' I'm not quite sure what these dudes meant by this, or what they wanted to achieve, other than making us feel awkward. But it certainly made myself and my friend…


Introducing New Member Rebecca!

We’re thrilled to introduce¬†our newest member Rebecca and her thoughts on street harassment and the Hollaback! movement. ***   I have lived, despite my best efforts, in smaller communities my entire life. I grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada where we played in our neighbours equally large backyards, knew most of the … Continued

Stirling here we come!

We’re super-excited to be going to Stirling in a few days, for two workshops on street harassment. This is organised in relation to the 16 Days of Action which takes place every year, to highlight gendered violence and abuse. As we in Hollaback! consider street harassment not as an isolated incident or a ‘joke’, but … Continued

Feminist Fringe 2015 – By the Bi

Morgan Barbour co-founder of the Blazing Change Players theatre company was kind enough to answer our questions for #feministfringe. You can find out more about their show By the Bi below the responses: *** What makes a show feminist for you?For example, does it need to be explicit in saying that the content or performers … Continued