October action! Write to your MSP

Mairi Campbell-Jack

So, we’ve launched, and we have a pretty exciting educational programme kicking off this month – and now we can add lobbying success to the list of things that Hollaback! Edinburgh has achieved this year. Malcolm Chisholm, who is the Labour MSP for Edinburgh North and Leith, and also a member of the Cross-Party Group on Men’s Violence Against Women and Children, has now tabled a motion which welcomes Hollaback! Edinburgh and our work to tackle street harassment. You can read the motion here.

This is the point where all our supporters and helpers – that is, you! – come in. We would love it if you could contact your MSPs to ask them to sign this motion and show their support for an end to street harassment.

If you don’t know who your MSPs are you can find them here.  You are represented by your constituency MSP and also by seven Lothian list MSPs. It is completely up to you if you contact one, two or all of your elected representatives.  But please let us know who you have contacted so we can keep track.

Not living in the Edinburgh area?  That doesn’t necessarily matter.  If you live outside Edinburgh you can still write to your MSPs asking them to support us. Hollaback! is an international movement and therefore support for one city can translate into support for all of Hollaback! and the aims that we are all trying to achieve.

Your MSP already signed the motion?  Yes, we’ve been really lucky that a lot of MSPs have already signed the motion and show support for the Hollaback! movement.  There are still several MSPs representing Edinburgh constituencies or Lothian who have not signed.  If however an MSP who represents you has signed, you could perhaps give some thought to sending them an email of thanks – after all, it is nice when people say thank you.

What should you say? Well, I always believe that words are at their most powerful and eloquent when they have come from the heart, so tell your own story in your own way. However, if you are stuck for time or inspiration, try following the suggestion below.


My name is                 and I live in/at                   .  I am writing to you to ask you to support Malcolm Chisholm’s motion S4M-04275 welcoming Hollaback! Edinburgh.

I am a supporter of Hollaback! Edinburgh, and the work that they do matters to me because (your own words here).

Kind regards

Thank you so much for your time and effort – it really means a lot to us, as we know that Hollaback! Edinburgh can only succeed with your continuing investment and support. It would be great if you could keep us informed of your emails to your MSPs and any replies received. You can forward them on or copy us in at [email protected].  And thanks once more for all your efforts, Hollaback! is all about you!


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  1. Ellie here! I’ve just written to Marco Biagi MSP. Awaiting response..
    UPDATE! Got a lovely response and he’s signed it. AWESOME. If he’s your MSP too, still write to him!

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