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This International Women’s Day (March 8th) Hollaback! Edinburgh will be having a club night at Fiddler’s Elbow (9pm-1am), titled ‘I Just Wanna Dance!’ Those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter will have seen our  various (and hilarious) memes running up to this event, all cheekily addressing the issue of a safe space in which we can just dance, groper and  grinder free.

There’s been a lot of focus on dancing on 2013’s Feminist calendar so far. The theme of  One Billion Rising  2013 (February 14th) was dancing, and Hollabackers joined in with fellow anti-violence against women organisations such as Scottish Women’s Aid and Engender to dance outside the Scottish Parliament to raise awareness of, and protest against, gender-based violence. My family hail from Southern Africa,  where a political freedom dance – the toyi-toyi- was made famous during the apartheid era. Consequently for me dancing, freedom, and protest have always been linked. Despite this, I rarely dance in public. I’m in my early twenties, and I haven’t been to a club in years.

This wasn’t always the case – 5 years ago and I was out dancing once a week, a regular on the revolving dance floors of my University town. But gradually I found that I was enjoying my time less and less, because more and more of my nights out were spent dodging guys trying to grope me, or grind on me, or ‘just squeeze past oops I grabbed your boob’ me.  The truth is, I’ve never – not once – been in a club and not been groped in some way. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true – both for myself and for many other women (take a look at the Everyday Sexism project if you don’t believe me!). When I was 18, I used to try and laugh it off, try and get on with my night, but always deep down there was that feeling that I knew I didn’t like what these guys were doing, but I felt powerless to stop it. The thing is, it isn’t okay. When it gets to the point that you’re leaving a club you paid to get into it because someone is making you uncomfortable, that’s not okay. When you were having a great time until that random guy put his hand in your bra: that’s not just another unavoidable or acceptable part of your night out. But when bouncers don’t recognise it, or when people generally – as I used to – just shrug it off and don’t actually take the time to think about it and talk about it, then it makes it that much harder for us to challenge harassing behaviour in clubs, and raise our own voices and ask why we can’t have the simple liberty of dancing without harassment?

I remember a guy whacking my friend’s bum as he walked past us in the queue for the bar once. She exclaimed and turned round with the customary ‘wtf’? He answered: ‘what, don’t you like being hit on?’ Here’s the thing. Guys smacking your bum like they own you isn’t about an introductory exchange in which you compliment a woman in the hopes that you will get to know each other and perhaps find that you both have similar romantic inclinations. Sticking your hand up a woman’s skirt, down her top, hell just groping your way around her anatomy isn’t the new hand shake and ‘how do you do?’ It’s rooted in sexism, and the power inbalance in which one party feels they can do whatever they like to another without consequence.  It’s rooted in rape culture, in which women’s consent is given little value, and sexual acts are ‘done to’ her, not ‘with’ her.

I can’t change the world in one night. If I could I’d sleep better for it. But what I can do, as part of Hollaback! Edinburgh, is create a safe space during that night where people who’ve had enough of being grabbed, or seeing their friends get groped, can dance. And whilst they do that, pulling all the cheesy or downright fierce moves they’re capable of, they’ll also be making a stand to say: Hey, guess what? Touching someone uninvited isn’t ok. We just wanna dance!

Who knows, maybe you’ll even see me shaking some moves of my own.


For more info on Hollaback! Edinburgh’s IWD Club Night visit: http://www.facebook.com/events/542869162411938

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