Feminist Fringe

We at Hollaback! are super excited for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to kick off in less than three weeks! As we’re tired of sexist, homo/transphobic and racist jokes we thought we’d share some of the shows we hope to check out this August. Write a comment if you have some more tips or have seen any of the shows and want to share your thoughts!


Susie explores how ‘internalised misogyny and patriarchy can affect us all’ while Chris Coltrane smashes the patriarchy with his activist focused political comedy. Bridget Christie won the Foster’s Best Comedy Award for her show ‘A Bic for Her’ at last year’s Fringe and is returning with a new show this August. For fans of Spoken Word, local writing group Appletree Writers is hosting a series of Spoken Word Sundays with events including a panel discussion from poets on women’s writing, with all proceeds going to Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre, writers of colour from North East England on identity, love, loss, settlement and migration, a session on writing and feminism, and a session with Appletree Writers’ Writing Mum’s Group. Mary Bourke is joined by three other female comedians each afternoon and Andrew Watts looks into feminism ‘for chaps’.  Amy, a sex worker, and her sister Rosana, a shaven-headed lesbian, explore feminism and choice in their performance act. If you’re up for some feminist musical, the Ruby Dolls create an updated fairytale version of Mansfield Park. Finally Adrienne Truscott delivers comedy satire against rape culture and Kate presents a comedy show which is described as ‘highbrow, left-wing, feminist, atheist and awesome’.


Let us know what you think and we hope you will get an amazing feminist Fringe!

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  1. Object are working with Stand Up for Women to promote the message #RapeIsNotFunny starting with the Edinburgh Fringe. It would be great to get some support from local groups.

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