New Submission

I get these looks all the time when I’m at school, i can feel eyes on my body, I notice the little nudges and nods of the head that boys give each other as i pass.

A boy asked me in the corridor “how many dicks have you sucked then?” whilst looking me up and down.

I was walking into a shop before school. A group of boys were outside. They nudged each other, stared at me and told me loudly, “you’ve given him a boner”.

I was trying to print out my homework, and as I walked into the computer suite a boy turned, looked me up and down and yelled “AW YOU’RE FIT!”
Later, the same boy comes over, sits close beside me and says, “see my friend over there? He thinks you’re really hot. He wants to date you. He wants to DO you.”

This boy and his friends just don’t stop. A larger group of them approached me the other day and said the same thing, then watched me walk away smirking, staring openly at my butt.

I was having fun with my friends in the street, wearing a low cut bodysuit. We walked past a bar, and two older men nudged each other and stared at my chest.
For the rest of the day I had my hoodie zipped up, covering me.

I am fifteen years old.
In most of these cases I’m in my school uniform, leggings and a shirt and tie.
I’ve been told it’s because I’m a pretty blonde with a good body.
I have two words for these people.