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Feminist Fringe 2015: Shows to Watch

We know that the festival is nearly over, but there’s still a week to catch some awesome shows and celebrate women performers and creators. Here’s a list of Fringe shows by/about women of colour, queer women, and women with disabilities.   DISCLAIMER: I haven’t seen any of these shows yet, so I cannot vouch for their … Continued

Feminist Fringe 2015 – All the Nice Girls

Ali Child and Rosie Wakely, creators and stars of All the Nice Girls, were kind enough to answer some of the questions we sent them for #feministfringe. You can find a description of their show below their responses: *** 1) What makes a show feminist for you? For example, does it need to be explicit in saying … Continued

Feminist Fringe 2015 – Bayou Blues

Shaina Lynn, creator and star of Bayou Blues, was kind enough to answer some of the questions we sent her for #feministfringe. You can find a description of her show below her responses: *** 1) What makes a show feminist for you? For example, does it need to be explicit in saying that the content … Continued

Feminist Fringe 2015

As part of our  broader commitment to intersectional feminism (that is to say a feminism that fights against all forms of discrimination, such as those based on race, class, sexuality, or gender identity), we’re participating in #feministfringe and highlighting feminist performances during this year’s Edinburgh festival. One of the things we’ve done is to send emails … Continued

New submission from (anonymous)

As I was walking home from the shop with a friend of mine, all of a sudden a car full of men went past. Just as they passed us, one of them shouted at us from the car window: ‘PUSSY!!’ I’m not quite sure what these dudes meant by this, or what they wanted to … Continued

New submission from Anonymous

As I was walking home, minding my own business, after a long and exhausting day at work, some 13-year-old kid looked at me and told me, as he passed me on the street: ‘You’re ugly.’ What makes people like this kid feel entitled to comment on a stranger’s appearance in public? I wanted to explain … Continued

New submission from Ashley Stein

I was out with a bunch of friends at a pop-punk club night and we were having a dance on the wee stage they have in the bar. A guy came up behind me and I thought he was just coming to join in the dancing like other people had done earlier in the night. … Continued

In solidarity with Poppy Smart

Many of you will have heard of Poppy Smart, the brave woman who reported a group of builders to the police after almost a month of harassment on her way to work. Poppy has received a storm of online abuse after her report, from people calling her ‘silly’ to much worse sentiments. We at Hollaback! Edinburgh … Continued

New submission from Kerry

I wasn’t sexually harassed but felt intimated. During the festival 2014 I was sitting on a bench eating lunch on my own and a man in his 60s stood over me a bit too close for comfort and started to talk to me. I said sorry I’m not interested. He wouldn’t leave and I asked … Continued