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Hollaback! Edinburgh is a chapter of Hollaback!, a global volunteer based grassroots led anti-street-harassment organisation. While the focus of Hollaback! has been gendered street harassment, we in Edinburgh recognize that not all public harassment faced by women is sexist in nature and have a broader commitment to intersectional feminism, that is to say a feminism that fights against all forms of discrimination, such as those based on race, class, sexuality, or gender identity.  To reflect this, we believe that it is  important to address homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, ableist and/or racist harassment, among other forms.


Hollaback! Edinburgh has three main areas of work;


1) To raise awareness of street harassment and the impact it has publicly,


2) To host education workshops and events to develop people’s understanding of street harassment,


3) To lobby for meaningful responses from politicians and the police.


Find out more about Hollaback! Edinburgh here


Volunteers Needed!


We’re always looking for volunteers to join our group, whether you want to join the committee or whether you just want to help out with a one off campaign. Hollaback! Edinburgh is loosely organised and our activities are directed and fueled by our volunteers.


If you’re interested in joining you can get in touch for more info, email us at [email protected], or just fill in the this form.