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Welcome to Dominic Hinde, Hollaback! Edinburgh’s new committee member

We are pleased to welcome Dominic Hinde, Phd Student, Green activist, translator and former freelance journalist to our Hollaback! Edinburgh organising committee. In this week’s post, Dominic tells us about himself and discusses feminism, gender, the importance of democracy and his motivation for joining Hollaback!                 Dominic Hinde I … Continued

What we need is a culture change.

More than 80% of 12-25 year olds surveyed report personal experience of some form of sexual harassment in public. Just a week after NUS released a report finding many students experience verbal harassment and ‘catcalling’, as well as physical harassment and sexual molestation, Hollaback Edinburgh announced the results of their online survey, with 100 young … Continued

Students of the UK- we’ve got your back!

Statement of support from Hollaback UK On Friday 8th March, the NUS (National Union of Students) released their research “That’s what she said, women students experiences of “lad culture in higher education”. Read the report They found that “Sexual harassment and violence were also very much related to ‘lad culture’. This included verbal harassment and ‘catcalling’, … Continued

Said no one ever

You know some people think street harassment is a compliment? Well, we thought  about all the times we’ve been street harassed and how it made us feel. Answer; not great. So we thought we’d take a tongue in cheek stab at the compliment myth. Head over to our tumblr to check it out. If you’d … Continued